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Falcon Flight Team
BGSU Falcon Flight Team NIFA SAFECON Nationals 2024

About the Falcon Flight Team

The Falcon Flight Team is a group of highly motivated college students and staff who love aviation. Our membership is open to all students in all majors at BGSU; although, most of our members are pursuing the Flight Technologies & Operations specialization. Our team competes in the National Intercollegiate Flying Association's (NIFA) Region III alongside Western Michigan University, Ohio State University, Kent State University, and Ohio University. By competing in NIFA, we sharpen our aviation knowledge, navigation skills, and flying abilities. The Falcon Flight Team prides itself on maintaining a safe aviation environment in all aspects of our operation. In our team history, we have earned the safety award in NIFA Region III six times. 

What is NIFA? 

NIFA stands for National Intercollegiate Flying Association and dates back to the first competition in 1927. NIFA's deep roots have expanded to 45 teams across the contiguous United States, competing in 10 regions. NIFA offers multiple events on the ground and in the air. Competition flying events include Power-On/ Power-Off Landings, Unlimited Navigation, Message Drop, CRM/ LOFT, IFR Precision Flight, and IFR simulated flight. Ground events are Simulated Comprehensive Aircraft Navigation, Computer Accuracy (E6B), Aircraft Recognition, Ground Trainer, and Aircraft Preflight. 


The Falcon Flight Team is proud to be invited to National Competition 2024 (SAFECON). The team hasn't competed at nationals since 1997. Efforts from our team, both past and present, have propelled us into a slot for this year's SAFECON. Our team will compete May 13 -18 in Janesville, Wisconsin. 

Your Impacts

Your support will directly impact every team member traveling to nationals this year and make nationals financially attainable. With your contributions, we will be able to practice our flying events, afford hotel and travel costs, and afford the necessary resources for team success. Your investment in our team is deeply appreciated by every member, and we are excited to show you what we can do at SAFECON 2024! 

What your gift amount will do for the team.

"Student Pilot"

$20 - Thanks for supporting at the Student Pilot Level! Your contribution will help The Falcon Flight Team soar at nationals.

"Falcon's Travel Costs"

$90 We will be on our way in the sky and on the ground!  Your contribution will cover one Flying Falcon's travel costs to and from Janesville.

"Private Pilot"

$100 You've just earned your wings! Your contribution will provide the Falcon Flight Team with one hour of flight time.

"Instrument Pilot"

$200 Cloud surfer certified... Your contribution will provide the Falcon Flight Team with two hours of flight time.

"Commercial Pilot"

$300 Getting paid to fly? Heck yeah! Your contribution will provide the Falcon Flight Team with three hours of flight time.

"House a Falcon for a Week"

$525 Ten days in Janesville is a long time to house 16 team members. Your contribution will support the accommodation costs of our Flying Falcons for one week!

"Rental Van"

$700 Planes don't do well on highways so we need some vans for traveling. Your contribution would supply the team with a rental van for the entire 10-day trip.

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