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Technology, Architecture & Applied Engineering

In the College of Technology, Architecture & Applied Engineering, our students are passionate about building, creating, thinking, developing and doing. Our programs are focused on today’s most in-demand, emerging fields and are among some of the fastest-growing at BGSU. 

As we re-envision the future of education with evolving technology and changing workforce needs, your support plays a critical role in allowing our students the opportunity to earn a degree in state-of-the-art facilities with access to cutting-edge equipment. Your gifts on BGSU One Day provide lifelong learning experiences, allow students to engage in their education and prepare them to become future leaders. 

Engineering Advancement Program Fund

In response to regional, state and global needs, BGSU has launched a School of Engineering where traditional engineering intersects with technology. Private support for the engineering program helps faculty prepare students for in-demand jobs of tomorrow, teaching them to boldly innovate and seek solutions to new challenges in robotics, electronics, computer engineering, systems manufacturing, applied technology, visual communication and more. To accelerate the growth of the program, private support is essential.

Architecture Advancement Program Fund

Majoring in Architecture and Environmental Design at BGSU provides a design studio-based learning experience supported by technical coursework covering topics such as computer modeling, construction methods, and structures. BGSU architecture students participate in two cooperative education experiences as part of the curriculum, enhancing students understanding of real-world architectural practice. Gifts to the program provide support for equipment, supplies, travel and professional development opportunities. 

Construction Management Advancement Fund

BGSU’s construction management program prides itself on 100 percent job placement of its graduates. It is one of only three universities in Ohio to be accredited by ACCE. Housed in Kokosing Hall, the home of the School of the Built Environment, construction management students engage in three co-ops, making them highly marketable and skilled in the workforce. Gifts to the program provide opportunities for student to compete in national competitions, attend professional development events, participate in experiential learning opportunities, and be prepared for lifelong career growth upon graduation.

Aviation Studies Advancement Program Fund 

Help directly support our aviation students by providing much needed scholarships to alleviate the additional costs associated with receiving aviation degrees.

College of Technology General Support Fund

Help support the College’s greatest needs including general operating expenses, maintenance, equipment, teaching supplies, and scholarship support.

Visual Communication Technology Advancement Program Fund

Donate now to support our VCT students by providing much needed funds for items including updated equipment and supplies.

You can make a gift to a fund not listed on the BGSU One Day website here.

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Construction Management Advisory Board Challenge
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