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Club Equestrian Team

The Club Equestrian Team is a club sport and organization for passionate equestrians who strive to be competitive in the show ring, gain skills in and out of the saddle and build long-lasting connections within the horse community. Our goal is to encourage everyone who is involved in the club to expand their knowledge of horsemanship and to provide opportunities for our members to ride and continue their love and passion while attending college. 

 This year for One Day we hope to raise money to allow our riders to get in the saddle more often. By raising money for lessons, this will help better everyone’s riding abilities on the team while still making our sport as affordable as possible during college. 

Our club sport competes against schools with large equine studies programs that allow their students to ride more often than us. If we raise money for more lessons, we can become more competitive. 

 We also hope to raise money to buy apparel to help our team look more professional while representing BGSU.  

 We are extremely grateful for any funding we receive. Thank you to everyone who has donated in the past, and to those who continue to donate to our team. Go BGSU! 



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