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Men's Rugby Football Club


Thanks to BGSU Rugby alumni and the BGSU family of parents, relatives and fans of the team, the Bowling Green State University Rugby Football Club has undertaken a major upgrade to its facilities at the College Park Rugby Field. New goal posts were installed, a film platform was erected, a major drainage problem was corrected, new spectator bleachers were purchased and by this fall, the new rugby scoreboard purchased from a USA manufacturing company should be up and running. 

We have always tied the BGSU One Day Campaign to a particular project and this year is no different but at the same time more modest. One of the pride and joys of the club is that it has used just three "official" jersey designs since the club formed 56 years ago. While some one-off designs were used for tours and national championships, those three "official" designs are recognized around the rugby world. 

The club is currently fielding three sides in five sets of jerseys that go back to 2012. While Tony and Roger Mazzarella performed the weekly wash duties, it was Martha and Marny Mazzarella who fixed all the rips and tears and made other repairs. While we certainly don't look like a bunch of ragamuffins out there - it is time to start replacing jersey sets starting with the oldest and moving on to the youngest (even that one is five years old). 

 A set nowadays costs $5000, Gone are the days that we could outfit a team with 20 Canterbury jerseys at $10.95 each with half the guy’s swimming in something too large and the other half squeezed in something too small. We use a U.S. company making jerseys in the USA, but to put 24 guys on the field we have to choose from a stockpile of 48 jerseys to eliminate the sizing problems.

Show your Falcon Rugby pride and join us to raise $5,000 to purchase a new set of jerseys.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact Roger Mazzarella at or 419-308-4384.

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