BGSU Firelands is shaping the region’s future by providing career-ready programs that are affordable and focused. With small class sizes and a commuter focus, BGSU Firelands innovates through programs designed to reduce barriers for all who desire to achieve. Support for BGSU Firelands during BGSU One Day, the University’s dedicated day of giving, will help enhance access, retention and, ultimately, degree completion through scholarship aid.

The Firelands Grant

Keeping the BGSU Firelands education affordable has and will remain our promise to the region.  By supporting The Firelands Grant, you’ll ensure that starting in fall 2023 all new students with need will receive a scholarship that covers the remaining balance of instructional and general fees after the Federal Pell grant is applied. 

Firelands College Enrichment Fund 

The Firelands College Enrichment Fund ensures students engage with a comprehensive University experience that is diverse in offerings, programs, and opportunities. Contributions to this fund support initiatives that advance the University’s mission to provide breadth in student research and engagement.

Click here if you would like to make a gift to a fund not listed on the BGSU One Day website. 

Firelands Challenge
A gift of $2,500 from Theresa Popp Braun In Memory of George Mylander will be unlocked when 12 gifts are made to the Firelands Graduation Assistance Fund.
12 / 12 Gifts
Firelands Match
Gifts made to the Firelands Graduation Assistance Fund will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $1,000, thanks to the generosity of Cindy Miglietti.
$1,000 MATCHED
Firelands Grant Challenge
A gift of $20,000 from Kathy Linz will be unlocked when 20 gifts are made to the Firelands Graduation Assistance Fund.
20 / 20 Gifts
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