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Gifts to BGSU Firelands help make a high quality education affordable and accessible to students from all backgrounds. Offering 19 associate degrees, seven complete bachelor’s degrees and a variety of one-year certificate programs and training opportunities, BGSU Firelands puts education within reach for our entire community. Located in Huron, Ohio, our scenic regional campus offers the advantages of a personalized education with the resources of a much larger university.


 “Receiving this scholarship means that someone believes in me. Someone, somewhere thinks I deserve help and support in my college journey. It means that there are very generous people in the community that care about giving back and want to support the minds that will develop the future of the community or even the country.
“I would like to tell current and future donors that their generosity is like a ripple in a pond - their donations are like the droplet that ripples out into the community, making a positive impact. I currently work in the criminal justice field; and with the generous donation towards my education, I am able to earn a degree that will enable me to make a positive impact in my line of work. The community will benefit from my hard work and dedication - and I hope the donors realize that without them, none of this is possible.”
-Cali Griggs
2017 BGSU Firelands Scholarship Recipient


We are so grateful to our alumni and community members for supporting our students. Your generosity directly impacts real lives, real families and real careers. Helping to fulfill students’ dreams of earning a college degree can truly change the course of their lives. Thank you for your support.

Recent Alumni Match
Congratulations! We have unlocked $1,000 in matching support from Becky Kocher.
$1,000 MATCHED
Attention students! What BGSU cause would you support with $500?
Congratulations to the Freddie and Frieda Falcon Support Scholarship and the Department of Entrepreneurship for receiving the $500 donations as part of the #OneDay500 challenge!
College and Unit Donor Count
Congratulations to Athletics for having the most donors to its general support/general scholarship fund on #BGSUOneDay.
Rank College/Unit Gifts
1 Falcon Club Scholarship and Success Fund 138
2 College of Business General Support 37
3 Division of Student Affairs 32
4 EDHD General Support 30
5 Library Enrichment Fund 29
College and Unit Dollar Count
Congratulations to Athletics for raising the most funds for its general support/general scholarship fund on #BGSUOneDay.
Rank College/Unit Raised
1 Falcon Club Scholarship and Success Fund $36,904.00
2 Sustaining Tomorrow's Scholars $25,570.00
3 College of Business General Support $6,915.00
4 Library Enrichment Fund $4,190.00
5 EDHD General Support $3,180.00
Grad Year Challenge
Congratulations to the Class of 2016 and 2009 for having the most donors on #BGSUOneDay. Thank you for your support!
Graduation Year
Rank Answer Gifts
1 2016 33
2 2009 33
3 2010 30
4 2017 26
5 2015 25
6 2008 23
7 2014 23
8 2013 21
9 2012 21
10 2011 21
11 2018 17
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