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The Office of Pre-Professional Programs



The Pre-Professional Programs office supports nearly 600 undergraduate students in their pursuit of post-baccalaureate programs by identifying expectations, giving insight on how they will be evaluated, and providing guidance to assist them in making informed decisions to advance their journey.


BGSU’s best and brightest are preparing for careers in the health and law professions. This year, the largest number of pre-professionals have earned full-ride scholarships to the schools of their choice.


Your support will enhance programming efforts by funding transportation for networking opportunities including professional school open houses and campus visits, providing assistance to facilitate test prep workshops (LSAT, MCAT, and GRE) and supplying up-to-date assessment resources.  Support will bring renowned speakers to campus who will impact, inspire and transform lives.


Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (CURS)



The driver of innovation in America is the strength of the creative and critical thinking skills of researchers, scholars and artists. The Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (CURS) at BGSU strives to recognize excellence in academic pursuit across many different fields, including the arts and humanities, social sciences, education, business, the creative disciplines and STEM fields. CURS provides students with the opportunity to develop skills for research, inquiry, critical thinking, creativity and scholarship through a variety of programs and experiential learning experiences.


CURS supports and fosters undergraduate research, scholarship and creative projects conducted by undergraduate students throughout all disciplines. The projects require students to make an original intellectual contribution to their chosen discipline under the guidance of a faculty mentor. After completion of the project, the students present their work to student peers, experts in the field and/or the wider community. Student participants working on such projects deepen their understanding of their chosen discipline through hands-on experience while working closely with a faculty mentor. Students take pride in their intellectual contribution to their field while at the same time preparing themselves for their career or graduate studies.


Contributions raised will be used to increase the number of projects conducted by students and provide funding for materials and logistical support, as well as provide the students with a small stipend for their work in lieu of other paid employment. Funds will also be used to host campus-wide undergraduate conferences providing students with the opportunity to practice their presentation skills and allow students to attend external conferences in their chosen disciplines.


University Program for Academic Success (UPAS)



University Program for Academic Success (UPAS) is a multi-dimensional program that provides preparation, orientation and academic support for conditionally admitted students. The mission is to help students enroll and persist through college as they engage in their higher education working toward graduation.


The program is designed to provide students individualized academic support and assist with a successful transition to the University environment. UPAS students may select tutoring services from the Learning Commons, receive extensive academic advising, select courses and participate in a bridge experience. They are also assigned a professional advisor who meets with them regularly to track academic progress and provide additional support resources as needed.


Incoming UPAS students will participate in a Summer Bridge Program on campus where they will participate in a two-day workshop designed to assist the development of strong academic habits, ease the transition to college and become familiar with campus. They will, also go through Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR).


The cost for the summer bridge program is $200.00 per student. This fee includes meals, materials and lodging for the UPAS Bridge three-night, four-day success-building workshop. Funding will support academic success and help build a support network. 


Summer Academic and Youth Programs



Summer is the perfect time for pre-college students to explore their career interests. BGSU Pre-College Programs provides opportunities for students to experience the Bowling Green State University campus while expanding their knowledge, building life skills and exploring their interests. BGSU offers residential and day camps throughout the summer. Supporting the Office of Pre-College Programs Summer Academic and Youth Programs provides campers the opportunity to be able to participate in camps and continue to explore their interests, providing access to students who may not otherwise be able to attend a camp over the summer.


College Life Coaching



In Bowling Green State University’s College Life-Coaching program, we believe all students are capable of success at BGSU. It is our mission to aid students in achieving success by helping them find a balance between school and life in the way that best suits their unique needs, goals, and their unique lives. We utilize a solution-focused approach to help students set goals and to identify realistic action steps that can be taken to overcome challenges to achieve their goals. Our work with students is entirely driven by their wants and needs; however we typically provide support and strategies including study skills, test preparation, time management, and goal setting, and school/life balance. Our goal as coaches is to promote students’ self-advocacy, self-efficacy and academic achievement during their time at BGSU.


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