BGSU Quadball

Quadball is the sport formerly known as Quidditch that is inspired from the sport in the Harry Potter universe of the same name. It is a masterful combination of rugby, flag football, and dodgeball that is played on a pitch with two teams of seven players on brooms competing to get the most points. The game has four positions, Chaser, Keeper, Beater, and Seeker, all of which play an integral part of the game. Three Chasers and one Keeper on each team use the Quadball, which there is only one of, to score on two sets of three different sized hoops, one set for each team. Two Beaters on each side battle each other to control two of three dodgeballs on the pitch, which are used to knock players off broom and are the main defensive aspect of the sport. The Seeker is the most unique position in the sport, where one Seeker on each team will compete to catch the Flag Runner. The Flag Runner is a neutral referee that has a flag with a tennis ball on the end on their back, and they are worth thirty-five points and are released after the twenty-minute mark of the game. The game ends when a team reaches a set score that is established at the twenty-minute mark by taking the score of the winning team and adding seventy. The first team to this set score wins the game.

The funding we received would help us get new hoops to utilize for practices and to take to tournaments. We would also use the funding to help with travel costs, which we incur by going to multi-day tournaments such as our Regional Championship and the Nation US Quadball Cup. These tournaments require us to stay in hotels for the duration of the tournaments, and the funding would allow us to utilize rental vehicles to minimize problems that could arise from personal vehicles or allow us to fly to the National Tournament which will be in Round Rock, Texas in 2024.

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