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BGSU Club Swimming

Bowling Green State University Club Swimming is not only a growing club organization, but an opportunity for students to continue their swimming career, meet new people, and create memorable college experiences. Club swimming is open to all members of our student community and is a great way to get involved on campus. We are asking for donations to support our athletes and allow them to have opportunities to perform well in the water and create memories alongside their teammates. Below, you will find some quotes from members of our team about what college club swimming at BGSU means to them and the impact the organization has had on their lives.

 “The Bowling Green Club Swim Team has allowed me to better my mind and body with a supportive group of people. I am happy to have joined this club and I believe it has improved my time at Bowling Green significantly.” – Bekah Silver, Swimmer

 “BG club swimming has given me the opportunity to get back into swimming competitively while surrounded by teammates who genuinely care. This club is not just a team, it’s a family. The memories I have made and will continue to make alongside my teammates will be remembered and cherish for years to come. "– Liv Riggs, Vice President 

Your appreciated donations will be used for new training equipment, new competition suits, and travel costs for meets away from Bowling Green, especially to College Club Swimming Nationals which we will be attending in Columbus, Ohio this year. These donations will lessen the burden of travel costs and allow our swimmers to perform their very best while representing our university proudly. Thank you for your consideration!

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