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BGSU 1910: First Year Seminar



Students in the class of 2018 began their career at BGSU with a unique immersive experience called the BGSU 1910: First Year Seminar. These classes allow first-year students to engage academically in a small class setting, helping them adapt to the academic expectations of college and learn how it’s different from high school. 


The 1910 seminars are one credit hour and meet weekly. The course provides students opportunities to work closely with a faculty member and fellow students on a topic of the faculty’s choice ranging from popular culture, folklore, forensics, sports, environment and sustainability and current events.


The classes enable students to engage intellectually in a challenging experience right from the start of their college career and to appreciate the relevance of the course topic outside the classroom and to the community. The hope is to also develop student-faculty relationships that may lead to mentoring, undergraduate research and service-learning.


Support allows for unique programming, extracurricular activities and course materials.


Common Reading Experience



A BGSU tradition since 2001, the Common Reading Experience begins with the annual selection of a book that all new first-year students are asked to read during the summer prior to beginning their academic career at BGSU. Members of the campus community are invited to participate as well.


Throughout the year, students discuss the common read in various courses and participate in events designed to complement the book. Traditionally, the author visits campus and interacts with students, faculty, staff and the local community.  Classroom visits, panel discussions and a book signing provide opportunities for engagement.


The Common Reading Experience includes creating community among first-year students, faculty, and staff; encouraging students to read beyond textbooks; promoting critical thinking and debate; and providing an introduction to the overall expectations of higher education. While the programming has evolved over the years, the goal of building community through the deep, provocative discussions of a good book has remained a core value.


Support will fund activities, experiential learning opportunities and unique programming that will continue growing this initiative and nurture the love of reading among students.


Chapman Learning Community



The Chapman Learning Community is a nationally recognized program with a 20 year history of connecting students with local and regional community partners as they complete real-world service projects. Open to all majors, Chapman is dedicated to service learning, community & civic engagement, and leadership development.  Students in the community learn how to initiate and shape positive change in the world as they develop and practice an important skill set that will benefit them in their future careers and service work.


Chapman Learning Community students build important personal and professional networks while increasing their academic success and focusing on meaningful service projects that integrate academic content and personal reflection. They enjoy living in Kohl Hall among other highly ambitious and motivated students who are members of other learning communities and they benefit from taking courses with Chapman faculty in intentionally designed classrooms in Kohl that foster small-group interaction.


Support will enhance programming efforts by providing funds to offset events, conference travel, service-learning programs, civic engagement opportunities and educational site visits within the community.

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