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Roundnet Club

The mission of the BGSU Roundnet Club is to bring students and the faculty and staff of Bowling Green State University together through competition and fun. We want to help Spikeball become the next great global sport. We strive to share our love of the game with everyone around the Bowling Green community. 

The BGSU Roundnet Club team is a group of like-minded individuals who all have a passion for playing Spikeball. Through the amazing support of BGSU, we were able to create a unique club giving BGSU students the opportunity to compete against fellow students and various schools throughout the nation, including top Spikeball players.

Over the past year, the BGSU Roundnet Club has travelled to many locations throughout Ohio and even participated in a tournament last fall in Chicago. The team also hosted a tournament in the fall of 2021 and hosted multiple universities for pickup games in February. On April 2nd, the BGSU Roundnet Club will host a Spikeball sanctioned tournament, with over 120 people from various schools in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.

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