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Club Bowling

BGSU Club Bowling is a student-run organization committed to giving the opportunity for students to continue participating in bowling while getting an education. We compete at the highest level of collegiate bowling and against the best teams in the country throughout the year. We have won over 32 tournaments and a National Championship over the past 8 years as a program. The Club Bowling program is a family. We understand that students come from all over the world to this University and it is our goal to open up our club to whomever has the ambition to join but keeping in mind that we are a school first organization. BGSU's strategic goals are centered around student development and our organization acts accordingly.

Club Bowling is seeking funds to help with expenses that we incur throughout the season such as food, gas, equipment and uniforms. Our goal is to raise $7,000, which will allow members of our organization to engage and compete at the highest level.

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