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Honors College

The Honors College challenges students to discover the best in themselves, from critical thinking and curiosity to innovation and comfort with ambiguity.

Look over the funds we’ve hand-picked for you. We hope you’ll help us foster the ground-breaking research, arts and leadership that our students explore before they share their knowledge, experience and skills with their communities.

Thank you for your commitment and support of high-achieving students at Bowling Green State University.

Honors Learning Community Scholarship

Your investment in this scholarship provides funding toward a student’s tuition costs to study and thrive. BGSU Honors students continue to create, engage with their peers and achieve at high academic levels. Your support will allow these experiences to happen!

Honors College Program Fund

Your support helps enable the ground-breaking research, arts and leadership that our community needs. You can help students build skills in critical thinking, intellectual curiosity and that elusive quality – “grit” – that benefits them and their communities today as well as tomorrow.

Alumni Laureate Scholarship

More than a full-tuition scholarship, the BGSU Alumni Laureate Scholarship is a distinctive, prestigious program that provides recipients with support from caring mentors who challenge them to broaden their perspectives, prioritize their goals, network with alumni and professional contacts and frame their success through the values of leadership and service.

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Honors College Program Fund Challenge
30 donors have contributed to the Honors College Program Fund, which has unlocked the $1,000 gift from Bethany Bryant ’91. Thank you, Bethany!
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Honors Learning Community Scholarship Challenge
10 donors have contributed to the Honors Learning Community Scholarship, which has unlocked the $1,000 gift from Craig Dorn ’85. Thank you, Craig!
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Support the Honors College Program Fund
$1,000 has been contributed to the Honors College Program Fund, which has unlocked the $1,000 gift from Alison Kemp ’09. Thank you, Alison!
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