Women's Club Hockey

The mission of the BGSU Women's Club Hockey team is to provide the best possible environment for our women to reach their maximum playing potential through excellence in coaching and support.

The BGSU Women's Club Hockey team is a group of like-minded women who all have a passion for playing the same sport. Through the amazing support of BGSU, countless members of the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA), and many others, we were able to restart a women's team here on campus, beginning in the Fall of 2020.

Please consider a gift to Women's Club Hockey on BGSU One Day!

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Club Sports Challenge
The Club Sports Teams who bring in the most gifts on BGSU One Day will win the following prizes: 1st = $1,000 / 2nd = $750 / 3rd = $500
Rank Prize Club Sports Team Gifts
1 $1,000 Men's Rugby 151
2 $750 Women's Club Hockey 74
3 $500 Women's Club Rugby 64
4 Men's Club Hockey 32
5 Women's Club Soccer 7
6 Club Swimming 6
7 Club Bowling 2
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