Graduate College

The Graduate College at BGSU offers a diverse and intensive curriculum with more than 175 programs spanning 75 subject areas. Graduate students work alongside faculty to drive innovation and global impact through research and engaged coursework that creates public good. Your support on BGSU One Day contributes to the college’s ability to support and award graduate students’ academic achievements. 

Peace Corps Program

The Peace Corps Program supports Returned Peace Corps Volunteers with opportunities to enhance skills and knowledge acquired during service while continuing to help underprivileged communities in the United States. Through internships and collaboration, Fellows contribute to the third goal of Peace Corps by bringing their unique experiences to parts of the U.S. where they are needed most.

Graduate College General Fund

Gifts to the Graduate College General Fund on BGSU One Day will assist with areas of greatest need within the Graduate College.

Peace Champion

This fund was established by the Graduate College for the purpose of providing scholarship support to graduate students and to honor and recognize the outstanding efforts of Peace S. Champion to increase diversity among graduate students at BGSU.

If you would like to make a gift to a fund not listed on the BGSU One Day website, you can do so here.

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