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Questions and Answers

Below you will find answers to many common questions about BGSU One Day: Homecoming Edition.

What is BGSU One Day?

Bowling Green State University’s dedicated Day of Giving, BGSU One Day, is a University-wide effort to inspire alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students and friends of BGSU to make a gift in support of their favorite BGSU college, program or cause.

Why should I participate in BGSU One Day?

Every gift makes a difference at BGSU. Since our founding in 1910, gifts of all forms and sizes have helped make BGSU a university of opportunity for students from all walks of life. Falcon alumni and friends have been giving back to the University for decades, but support is needed now more than ever. Your contribution on BGSU One Day shows the world the collective power of Falcon philanthropy.

How can I make a donation on BGSU One Day?

You can make your donation online by clicking “Give Now” on our main webpage. If you prefer to make your gift through other means, please contact us for more details. To make a gift before BGSU One Day, click here.


Toll-free phone number: 888-839-2586

Phone number: 419-372-2424

What area should I support?

You choose the area that means the most to you! If you are unsure, we recommend the Excellence Fund for BGSU which provides support for the areas of greatest need on campus. The Excellence Fund impacts scholarships, innovative learning spaces, recruitment of top faculty, and other emerging needs that directly support students.

What are match or challenge gifts?

These are gifts that have been pledged by generous donors and are designed to increase the impact of support to our students on BGSU One Day. In many cases, the impact of your gift can be doubled, or even tripled, based on the challenge gift associated with your donation. For a complete list of challenge gifts, click here. Additional “challenges” may be added throughout the 36-hour event, so be sure to check back frequently.

I want to become a BGSU One Day match or challenge donor. How do I get involved?

What if I want to make a gift before BGSU One Day?

Can’t wait until BGSU One Day to make your gift? Click here to make an immediate impact on our students. Your contribution will be added to our BGSU One Day totals.

Are international donations accepted?

Yes. We accept gifts made internationally via credit card. 

I don't see the fund I want to make a gift to on the BGSU One Day website, how do I make a gift to this fund?

You can make a gift to any BGSU fund here. Your contribution will be added to our BGSU One Day totals. 

Is there a minimum donation to make a gift to BGSU One Day?

Yes, the minimum donation for BGSU One Day is $5.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

The BGSU Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization.  Unless stated, no goods or services have been provided in return for this gift.  If your gift is for the Falcon Club Scholarship and Success Fund and you have accepted benefits, the Fair Market Value of those benefits is $60.00.  Under IRS guidelines, the Foundation must disclose the value of any “premium” or “benefit” received as a result of a gift.  A premium/benefit is not tax-deductible.  For any gift, consultation with a tax advisor may be appropriate.  If you should have questions, contact the BGSU Foundation, Inc. at 419-372-7645.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

Yes. All donations made online for BGSU One Day will be receipted immediately upon a successful transaction. The receipt will be sent to you via e-mail and can be used for tax purposes.

If you would prefer to receive a paper copy, please contact us at or 419-372-2424.

My employer has a matching gift program; can this support BGSU One Day?

For more information on how your matching gift can double, or even triple, the impact of your gift, please contact University Advancement at (419) 372-7772. Click here to learn more about our matching gifts program.

Who do I contact with additional questions?

We’re happy to help. Please contact University Advancement at:


Toll-free phone number: 888-839-2586

Phone number: 419-372-2424

Still have questions?

Contact us at